Senegalese and Mauritanian tuning their violins


No image availableAlignment of the conditions of access to fishery resources, return of seized boats and compliance with the MOU, these are the highlights of discussions between the two countries during a visit of the Minister Khoureïchi Thiam, who conveyed a message of President Wade to his Mauritanian counterpart.
At the head of a delegation of members of his ministry, parliamentarians and traders operating in the fisheries sector, the Minister of Maritime Economy, Khouraïchi Thiam visited Mauritania from Wednesday 04 to Thursday 05 August 2010. He was carrying a message from President Abdoulaye Wade for his counterpart in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, His Excellency Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz.

The request made by the Head of State of Senegal, said the ministry statement said, aims at easing the conditions for access to fisheries resources and the return of Mauritanian boats entered.

The purpose of this trip is to "find appropriate solutions to the current crisis in the fishing industry in St. Louis." Indeed, we read in the press release, last month, Saint-Louis fishermen were forbidden to fish in Mauritanian waters, due to non compliance with the Protocol.

Mauritanian President reiterated the commitment of his country to "strengthen bilateral relations in fisheries, beyond the historical and cultural relations and mutual affection that binds the two heads of state. The delegation had also held a working session with a Mauritanian delegation led by Minister of Fisheries and Maritime Economy of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, Ould Aghdafna Eyih.

These meetings between experts, have allowed both sides to return to the concerns of fishermen in Senegal. It is the identification of Senegalese canoes stranded; the monthly return to the issue of artisanal fishing license in lieu of a daily double declaration; taking into account the difficulties in landing catches Nouadhibou, the annual duration of the license in place and placed

In this regard, the six license applications from industrial fisheries established and transmitted in accordance with the provisions of the Convention and its protocols, find satisfaction.
In conclusion, the Mauritanian has demonstrated its readiness, waiting for strong signals regarding the Mauritanian traders compensation for damage suffered in 2008 in St. Louis. Indeed, it is in the same frame as the Senegalese side had requested and obtained at the time, the return of the 130 boats entered.

By Ali Diouf

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