Training Opportunity

The Government of Korea has just opened, to FCWC Members States, its capacity-building program through the "Education on technology  and fisheries policy", in cooperation with the Fisheries Centre of Cooperation (OFCC) at Pukyong national University (PKNU), Korea.
This program consists of 3 weeks of full-time residence in Fisheries Centre cooperation (OFCC) at Pukyong national University (PKNU) from May 7 to 27, 2016, including transportation and accommodation expenses will be covered entirely by the Government of Korea.
The program will consist of lectures, tutorials, demonstrations, seminars and case studies. All essential technical aspects of aquaculture, distribution, market economy and the fisheries policy will be covered so that participants have a wide experience.
To take part in this program, the FCWC member states are respectively invited to nominate two (2) fisheries officers and submit their application forms to the Secretariat of FCWC, later April 5, 2016.

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