FCWC-PESCAO Project training workshop on EU PRAG Financial Regulations

Group Photo - FCWC-PESCAO Project training workshop on EU PRAG Financial Regulations
The FCWC Secretariat Staff participated in a weeklong training workshop on the European Union’s financial regulations that are applicable to the PESCAO Component 2. Mr. Celestin Mboukem, a Finance & Administration Expert with GOPA Worldwide Consultants (GOPA) trained the staff on the regulations as detailed in the procedures and practical guide (PRAG) of the European Union (EU). The EU is funding the PESCAO project, and GOPA is providing technical assistance to the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), who are implementation partners of the project.

“This is a way for FCWC Staff to get acquainted with EU financial regulations, monitoring and evaluation, and to develop deep knowledge about the PESCAO project and how FCWC fits within the regional contract,” Mr. Mboukem said at the beginning of the workshop.

The training covered procurement procedures, the EU cycle of operations, strategic implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and the practical case of the FCWC during group discussions. A review of the FCWC bookkeeping system, accounting procedures was also conducted, and templates for monitoring and evaluation were developed.

The Finance and Administration Officer of the FCWC-PESCAO project, Joel Bio Bata expressed his appreciation of the program, remarking that it had effectively dispelled any confusion concerning the project’s financial operations.

“It has been a strong capacity building exercise, and we look forward to more of such collaboration in the future under PESCAO Support” said FCWC Secretary-General, Seraphin Dedi.

FCWC Secretariat

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